Everything You Need In Your Makeup Bag

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get all your makeup products from one place? Well, at Glow For It, we’ve now got your eyes, brows, cheeks and lips covered! You can create stunning, natural makeup looks with Glow For It beauty products to enhance your natural beauty.

The best part about our Glow For It beauty products is that they are all 100% cruelty-free and vegan makeup products. Look good whilst doing good with Glow For It.

This week’s Glow Goss is about everything you need in your makeup bag! Also, make sure to keep an eye out for the Glow For It makeup bag to be released for purchase on our website. Then, you can have all your Glow For It beauty products all together in a Glow For It makeup bag – so cute!

Glow For It Mascara

Imagine you had a mascara that actually helped your lashes to grow longer… Now you don’t have to imagine! At Glow For It, we have created a Lash Growth Mascara that combines our signature Glow For It Lash Growth Serum technology with a beautiful black mascara formula. 

Instantly transform your lashes to look darker, fuller and longer with Glow For It Mascara. Each time you wear this mascara it will provide your lashes with the nutrients needed to grow healthy, long and strong. 

This mascara is a must-have staple for all makeup bags as it’s perfect for anyone that loves to wear mascara but also wishes that their natural lashes were longer. In fact, The Handbook even described our product as a ‘game changing mascara’ that you need to know about!

Glow For It Brow Sculpt

Make sure there isn’t a single hair out of place with Glow For It Brow Sculpt. 

This clear eyebrow gel comes with three combing tools to help sculpt your eyebrows into shape. Then, apply the gel to hold your brows in place all day and all night. 

Glow For It Brow Sculpt is all you need in your makeup bag for the perfect brows every time.

Glow For It Lip Oils

Gorgeous, glossy lips look fabulous with any makeup look – from a full face of makeup to a ‘barely there’ makeup look. With Glow For It Lip Oils, your lips will look gorgeously glossy without feeling sticky. Not only this, but our lip oils are specially formulated to moisturise and nourish your lips. 

Whether you want a watermelon sugar high with our Watermelon Lip Oil, or you’re feeling peachy keen for our Peach Lip Oil, or you want to keep it classic with our Original Lip Oil… Why not try them all with our amazing Lip Oil Bundle? Fill your makeup bag with the Glow For It Lip Oils that come in three shades - clear, peach-toned and pink-toned.

NEW Glow For It Blush Sticks

At Glow For It, we are always looking to expand our product range. Our most recent addition to our Glow For It beauty product range are the Glow For It Blush Sticks. With four different shades to choose from, these cream blush sticks glide beautifully onto the skin for that perfect glow.

These versatile blush sticks can even be used on your lips for a tint or your eyes as a cream eyeshadow! Just another reason to get all the Glow For It Blush Stick shades… Find out more about our Blush Sticks in our previous Glow Goss blog.

The Perfect Natural Makeup Look With Glow For It Beauty Products

Feel confident in your own skin and let your natural beauty glow with Glow For It beauty products. We love seeing how gorgeous you look using our products! If you create a Glow For It makeup look or want to show off your lash growth transformation, make sure to send us a message on socials @glowforitshop

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