Lash Extensions- what's the damage?

Eyelash Extensions – Top Tips and What Not To Do


A quick and easy way to achieve long, beautiful lashes is through eyelash extensions. At Glow For It Girl, we know how confident, powerful and captivating lovely lashes can make you feel. It turns every day into a glam day! With eyelash extensions, you can roll out of bed catwalk ready with a full set of lashes. Or as Beyonce would say: wake up, flawless. But what are the downsides?


Well, everyone’s heard that horror story of a friend of a friend who ended up with a bald spot on their lash line after having extensions. And, it is an expensive habit to upkeep. Lash extensions can also damage your natural lashes. But don’t worry! This week’s Glow Girl Goss is how to be safe and sustainable when opting for eyelash extensions.


Who Can I Trust?


Well the truth is… eyelash extensions aren't dangerous if your technician is following the correct methods and using the proper materials. Before you head to your appointment, ask the salon about the ingredients in the lash adhesive they use. If they can’t answer your question, cancel the appointment!


You wouldn’t take medicine you weren’t prescribed, and the same goes for lash extensions! You should trust your lash technician like you trust your doctor. Remember, they are working very close to the eye with very strong chemicals. You need to feel assured that you are in the safe hands of a qualified professional.


Wearing extensions that are too long or too thick for your natural lashes can actually cause damage in the long run. Trained and qualified technicians know from the quality / thickness of their clients lashes how much the lashes can handle.


What Is The Cost?


Part of the problem is the element of cost. Once you have found a qualified professional lash technician, the prices can range from £45-£60 for a full set of lashes. You may find eyelash extensions for cheaper, but these are likely to be worse quality and may damage your natural lashes. Also, after the first full set you will need infills at least once a month which will cost around £30 – so this habit is not cheap! They say pain is beauty, but in this case paying is beauty!


But we’re not telling you that you shouldn’t spend your money on lashes! It’s just something to take into account when making your decision about whether to get extensions. Do you really need that weekend takeaway or online clothes order when you can have beautiful lashes instead…?!



Can You Use Lash Serums With Lash Extensions?


Nearly all lash extensions will use cyanoacrylate-based adhesives which can have a drying effect on your natural lashes, and can inhibit healthy growth. This is why many lash artists recommend using a serum with your extensions to restore moisture and keep your own lashes healthy. So, the simple answer is YES! However always check with your lash technician fist to ensure that the serum is compatible with the adhesive they use.


So, What Are The TOP TIPS For Lash Extensions?


1. Never—ever!—pick at them.

The only way to remove eyelashes is with a pro. Seriously. We mean it. You’ll end up tearing out or breaking your lashes if you try it yourself, and it’s not worth it. That doesn't mean you have to remove them; you can also just wear them until they all cycle off… but most people come back for refills before then… like they say, it’s addictive!


2. Like your hair, lashes need to be brushed.

Most reputable lash technicians will provide their customers with a spoolie brush at the end of their appointment. Use it! Every day you should give your lashes a brush through to stop clusters forming, which can really damage the natural hair below.


3. WARNING—You will have to relearn how to wash your face.

It sounds crazy but it is true… When you have lash extensions you cannot wash your face as thoroughly or vigorously as before. If you do, you may pull out some lashes, which is painful and damaging. Therefore you need to take care around the eyes, and importantly make sure you are still removing all makeup residue from the eye. Otherwise this can build up and cause the lashes to clump together, which isn't a good look, and it is damaging!


Follow these steps and you'll be safe to go!


Don’t forget to check out our Glow For It Girl Lash Serum, to keep your lashes healthy while wearing eyelash extensions.

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