Say Hello To The Newest Glow For It Product – Glow For It Tweezers

Please give a warm welcome to our brand-new Glow For It beauty product – the Glow For It Tweezers! Along with our eyelash curler, this is another must-have makeup tool in your makeup bag. 

Eyebrows frame the features on your face and can literally change the way your face looks! This is why it’s so important to keep your brows styled how you want them so you can always look and feel fabulous.

This week’s Glow Goss is all about introducing you to our newest beauty product and how you can use our tweezers to create the best eyebrow shape for you.

How To Guide: How To Properly Use Tweezers

You may think that you know exactly how to use tweezers but, at Glow For It, we’ve always got some makeup hacks up our sleeve to help improve the way you do your makeup and beauty routine.

Top Tip #1: Apply warm water to the skin around your eyebrows to open up the pores - this will help make the eyebrow hair extraction easier.

Top Tip #2: When using tweezers, your thumb and forefinger are your best friends – use them to hold the tweezers for a nice, firm grip. With your other hand, use your thumb and forefinger to gently stretch the skin around the eyebrow to provide some tension to pull the brow hair against.

Top Tip #3: Make sure to pull in the direction that your eyebrow hair grows in. When you pull against the grain this can cause more irritation and, in some cases, this can cause ingrown hairs!

Top Eyebrow Trends

Finding the right eyebrow shape for your face shape and features can completely change your appearance for the better! Simple things such as changing the angle of the brow arch or shortening the tail of your eyebrow can make such a difference to the way your face looks. 

A fun way you can try out different eyebrow looks without plucking them yet is by applying concealer over the areas you want to remove to see how it might look (a little bit like how drag queens glue down and conceal their eyebrows to create a new brow shape!).

One of the top eyebrow trends at the moment is the sleek, 90s brows inspired by Pamela Anderson. By using our Glow For It Tweezers, you can create on-trend thin brows – but be careful not to overpluck like some people did back in the day! 

Straight eyebrows are another brow trend that’s been taking social media by storm. Whatever eyebrow trend you’d like to try, you can always use our Glow For It Brow Growth Serum to help grow your brow hairs back if you do end up plucking your brows and not liking the shape. 

Whether you want big bushy brows or a sleek shape – make sure to tidy your brows round the edges with our new eyebrow tweezer.

The New Grow, Groom & Glow Bundle

Along with the release of our new product, we’ve also created a new bundle which includes this fabulous product! The Grow, Groom & Glow Bundle includes our Glow For It Brow Serum, NEW Glow For It Tweezer and the Glow For It Brow Sculpt. This brilliant bundle has everything you need to create beautiful brows every time from start to finish. 

As always at Glow For It, we are so excited to be broadening our product range, and this is led by our customer requests. So, if you have any ideas of what you’d like to see come from Glow For It next, please feel free to reach out and message us on social media @glowforitshop

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