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Grow + Groom™

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Our Brow Growth Serum + Brow Sculpt™  Bundle is also know as the Grow + Groom™. For beautifully bold brows. This perfect pair will give you fuller, healthier brows, whilst allowing you to groom them into perfect position all day long! 

Product Details:

Are you struggling with thin, sparse, weak brows? Do you want thick, fluffy, bold brows? Well... we have the perfect products for you.

By using Glow For It Brow Growth Serum once a day, your eyebrow hairs will be happier and healthier as our special formula moisturises and conditions your brow hairs to help them grow. 

Our NEW Brow Sculpt will set your brows in place all day, whether you choose a bold, busy brow or a soft, sleek shape…

What's Inside the Bundle?

1x Brow Growth Serum

1x Brow Sculpt

Our promise:

What is a money back guarantee? Well, Glow Getter, it is our pledge to YOU.

Following years of trials and tests we are so confident in our product and it’s results that we are offering you a money-back guarantee on our lash and brow growth serums. Our serums must be applied nightly for a minimum period of 12 weeks in order to see results. 

Check this out for more information.

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