Article: Brand-New Brown Glow For It Mascara

Brand-New Brown Glow For It Mascara

Brand-New Brown Glow For It Mascara

A new Glow For It Mascara shade has dropped! Although black mascara is a classic makeup look, we know that one shade just isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve added a brown mascara into the mix!

At Glow For It, we’re always looking to expand our product range, and we love to have your input. If there are any new shades/colours/flavours of any of our Glow For It beauty products you would like to see, just let us know on social media @glowforitshop

This week’s Glow Goss is all about introducing you to our brand-new Brown Glow For It Mascara! Whether you’re already a brown mascara advocate, or you’ve never worn brown mascara in your life, keep reading to find out why brown mascara is the perfect mascara shade for you…

Why You Should Use Brown Mascara

Brown mascara creates a completely different affect than black mascara. While black mascara can be used to create bold, dramatic lash looks, brown mascara creates a more soft and subtle appearance.

If you have blonde hair, brown mascara is likely to suit you more than black mascara as your natural lashes are probably very light. Brown mascara will still make your lashes look darker, fuller and longer while the shade will compliment your hair colour rather than potentially looking too harsh.
For those of you with brunette or red hair, brown mascara is perfect for you as this shade will match most closely to your natural eyelash colour and hair colour!
We haven’t forgotten about those of you with extremely dark hair or even fun fashion coloured hair! Brown mascara also looks great when contrasted with dark hair or bright hair colours as it draws more attention to your gorgeous eyes.

You can’t go wrong with a brown mascara – especially Glow For It Brown Mascara!

Natural Makeup Looks With Glow For It
If you’re looking to step up your makeup game, then a brown mascara is a must-have in your makeup bag. Natural makeup and barely-there makeup looks are top makeup trends that we love at Glow For It!

At Glow For It, we’re all about helping you to enhance your natural beauty. All you need for a beautiful barely-there makeup look is a swipe of one of our Glow For It Blush Sticks on the cheeks, eyes and lips for a rosy glow. Then, finish your natural makeup look off with the new Glow For It Brown Mascara for lashes that will look naturally longer, thicker and fuller with the swipe of a mascara wand – it’s magic!

Benefits Of Using Brown Mascara
Glow For It Brown Mascara isn’t just any mascara! Our mascara formulas are infused with our Glow For It Lash Growth Serum to provide your lashes with the nutrients they need to grow full, long, healthy and strong. This makes our brown mascara perfect for anyone who wants to help their lashes to grow whilst also keeping that natural “no makeup” look.

Not only this, but all Glow For It beauty products are vegan and 100% cruelty-free. The list of benefits for Glow For It Brown Mascara just keeps growing… Just like your lashes will when you use this mascara!

Glow For It Bundles To Brighten Up Your Day
For the best lash growth transformation, you should use our Glow For It Mascara alongside our Glow For It Lash Serum. Wear the mascara during the day and put the lash serum on before you go to sleep at night and your lashes will be fully nourished with everything they need to be happy, healthy and strong.

At Glow For It, we always keep you in mind, which is why we’re offering the Dream Duo Bundle with Glow For It Brown Mascara and Glow For It Lash Serum together! Save money whilst looking after your lashes with this brilliant bundle. You deserve to look and feel your best!

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