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It couldn't be easier. Our subscription service is designed for YOU. You decide what products you want, when you want them and how often. Completely hassle-free! 
A no brainer, right? Our subscription service even offers you a discounted price of just £23.99 every three months. Sounds pretty good (if we do say so ourselves)...

How It Works:

It's up to you. Simply opt for our subscription service at checkout and you can decide how often you want your serum to arrive (between 2-4 months) and where you want it to be delivered to. We recommend opting for our 3 month subscription service, as that is how long our Serums will typically last. But, no stress. If you begin to run low before that point, just let us know, and we can send your subscription to you early. So you are NEVER without your must have Lash or Brow Serum.
We know how it is; once you start to see results you don't want it to stop. And it doesn't have to. With our subscription your Serum will arrive on your door step, without you having to do a thing. Let's keep growing and GLOWING!


Remember, consistency is key. In order to see continued and long lasting results, you need to be using your serum nightly. Therefore our subscription service ensures that you are never without your trusty magic bottle... meaning your results can continue to GLOW!
Want to cancel? No worries. Simply login to your account and "pause" or "cancel" subscription or pop us over an email to and we will do the rest. Like we said: it's easy and hassle-free!