Bringing the Bushy Brow Back

Bringing the Bushy Brow Back With Glow For It Girl Brow Growth Serum

As makeup and fashion trends change over the years, how people wear and do their eyebrows changes with the styles of the time too. From pencil thin brows to big bushy brows and everything in between, there’s been a range of hot eyebrow trends. To keep up with the latest brow trends, the best thing you can do is have some eyebrow hair to work with! That’s where we come in here at Glow For It Girl, as we have the secret to beautiful brows…

So, this week’s Glow Girl Goss is all about our new product: Glow For It Girl Brow Growth Serum, and how you can get your brows looking brill in no time.

The Lifecycle of the Eyebrow

Similarly to eyelashes, your eyebrow hairs go through a growth lifecycle. However, your eyebrows tend to take a little longer to grow than your eyelashes as they take up to 64 days (give or take) to fully grow back.

By using Glow For It Girl Brow Growth Serum, you can stimulate the growth of your eyebrow hairs as our special formula nourishes your hair with the natural ingredients it needs to grow. This will help your eyebrow hairs at every stage in their lifecycle, and so you should start to see a noticeable difference within 2 months (which is around the lifecycle of the brow hair).

Hot Goss: The best thing about our products is that they are all 100% Cruelty Free & Vegan!

Battle of the Brows: Y2K Brows VS Fluffy Brows

Gone are the days back in the 2000s when thin brows with high arches were all the rage… The 2020s are all for bringing the bushy brow back! Even though Y2K fashion trends are coming back around, the pencil brows are staying in the past and instead big brows are in.

Fluffy Brows (also known as Brow Lamination) is a top trend right now. This involves straightening and lifting the eyebrow hairs so that they stay in position for a fluffy brow effect. You can achieve this look by asking for a Brow Lamination at your local beauty salon, or you can create a similar effect through Soap Brows where you use soap and a spoolie to style your eyebrows into place.

The reason we love Fluffy Brows at Glow For It Girl is because it looks great on all different eyebrow shapes and hair types. Brow Lamination is perfect for taming unruly brows as it can be used to create a more symmetrical appearance to accentuate your features for a flattering look.

WOW! Look at My Brows With Glow For It Girl Growth Serum

So, what you need to be totally on-trend with your brows are some well maintained eyebrow hairs. By using Glow For It Girl Brow Growth Serum once a day, your eyebrow hairs will be happier and healthier as our formula moisturises and conditions your hair to help it grow. Whether you use our serum right before bed or as soon as you wake up, you’ll have beautiful brows in no time.

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