Winter Is Coming…And Your Lashes Are Going?

Autumn Lash Shed & What To Do About It

As the seasons change, you may notice a difference in the growth of your eyelashes, and that’s because your lashes are affected by this! When the leaves begin to drop from the trees, your lashes may do, too. But what is autumn lash shed and how does it affect you?

The amount your lashes fall out can vary over the course of a year due to changes in weather, and in the autumn months you may notice your lashes shedding more than usual. So, the Glow Girl Goss this week is all about how to deal with autumn lash shed and how to keep your eyelashes looking gorgeous all year long…

Why Are My Lashes Falling Out?

There are many reasons for lashes to fall out, and the most common is because the lash has reached the point in its growth cycle where it naturally falls out. Due to the eyelash growth cycle, you probably will notice individual lashes falling out of their own accord every now and again. The growth cycle can last a few months, and when the lash does fall out it’s nothing to worry about, as a new one will soon replace it.

Yet, during the autumnal season, you may notice your lashes falling out more than usual. This may lead you to wonder… Are my eyelashes falling out due to stress? Or… Are my lashes falling out due to a product I’m using?

At Glow For It Girl, our answer is that your eyelashes may be falling out due to a product you’re NOT using… Our Glow For It Girl Lash Serum!

Why Does Autumn Lash Shed Happen?

If you do notice your lashes shedding more in autumn, don’t worry! The reason this happens is because, during the summer, the hotter weather encourages your eyelashes to stay in the resting phase for longer. So, by the time autumn comes around, this means you have more lashes that are still clinging on that usually would’ve dropped off weeks ago at any other point in the year.

Also, your skin produces something called sebum, which is a natural, oil-like substance. When it’s summer, your skin is likely to produce more sebum which can hold lashes back in the growth phase and make them move straight to the rest phase, and then shedding phase just in time for autumn.

Temperature plays a big part in the lifecycle of an eyelash, as colder weather effects the lash too. In the autumn, once the indoor heating is turned back on, this movement from hot to cold can lead to your lashes feeling dry and brittle. This then makes your lashes more likely to shed, or even break off!

But, at Glow For It Girl, we have a way to battle against autumn lash shed! Restore nutrients and moisture to your eyelashes and help them stay in the growth phase for longer with Glow For It Girl Lash Serum.

Get Gorgeous Lashes All Year Round With Glow For It Girl Lash Serum

The lashes that fall out during the autumn months will usually take around 6 weeks to grow back. However, you can do more than just wait for your lashes to return! Encourage eyelash regrowth after lash shedding season by nourishing them with the nutrients they need.

Show your lashes some love this winter to combat the lash fall out from autumn! By using Glow For It Girl Lash Serum once a day, you can help promote eyelash growth by conditioning and moisturising your eyelashes to keep them happy and healthy. And, if you use Glow For It Girl Lash Serum all year long, you can keep your lashes in tip top condition no matter the season!

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