Article: Glow For It 2023 Recap

Glow For It 2023 Recap

Glow For It 2023 Recap

What a year! As 2023 is drawing to a close, we wanted to look back on all Glow For It has achieved this year with you. The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on all the positive things that have happened over the year. It also allows you to plan ahead for the next year, having learned from what has happened and finding direction in what you have achieved.

So, this week's Glow Goss is all about Glow For It's highlights in 2023! We wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for our gorgeous, glowing community so as we look back over the year, remember that you are part of this journey, too.

Glow For It Featured In Vogue

At the beginning of the year, we paid for a small advertising space in Vogue. By the end of the year, Vogue featured us of their own accord as one of the "best eyelash serums" that are "beauty editor approved"! This shows just how much we've grown as a company during this year. And, Vogue wasn't the only publication to feature Glow For It this year! Glow For It was also seen in:

  • Grazia,
  • Glamour,
  • Daily Mirror,
  • The Sun,
  • And more!

Not only this, but even the fabulous Gemma Collins has been organically using our Glow For It Lash Serum...Shout out to the iconic GC!

The Year Of Launches

2023 held a lot of new launches for Glow For It. We branched out further into the world of beauty as we launched out Lip Oil Trio along with our Blush Sticks and Blush Brush. It has always been and will always be important to us to be inclusive, which is why we were so proud to launch 7 shades of Blush Sticks over the year that work for a wide variety of skin tones.

We also did multiple photoshoots over the course of the year to get the best possible pictures for each launch. At Glow For It, we love working with diverse groups of creators and they have provided us with the stunning pictures and videos that you see on our website and across our socials!

In addition to the new product launches, Beauty Bay also became an online retailer for some of our Glow For It products. We were so excited about this that we had our first Glow For It celebration at the founder's flat (as we didn't even have an office yet!).

Glow For It's First Office

Speaking of offices... In September, Glow For It finally was able to get its first office! This allowed for a dedicated working space and also meant that the Glow For It team had space to expand and grow. Glow For It now has more full-time members of the team that are working hard at our London office space.

Happy 3rd Birthday To Glow For It!

Glow For It celebrated its 3rd birthday this year. Daisy, the founder, started Glow For It back in 2020 during the pandemic. So much has changed since then, for thew world as a whole and the business itself. We are so grateful for where we are now and how far we have come in only 3 years. We want to take this time to thank our amazing Glow For It community. We couldn't do any of this without you and we appreciate you everyday.

The TikTok Awards

In 2023, Glow For It became a TikTok-viral beauty brand! Our TikTok account (@glowforitshop) reached over 100,000 followers and counting. We've done many lives on TikTok throughout the year - including a 10 hour live on Black Friday! We love the opportunity going live gives us to speak to our amazing community.

We were so excited when we found out that we had been nominated for the Greatest Small Business Award at the UK TikTok For Business Awards. At the awards ceremony in London, we were up against tough competition. They announced a surprise category which was the Greatest TikTok Award - the winners of which would get an all expenses paid trip to Amsterdam as the UK entrance for the TikTok For Business Grand Prix. We almost couldn't believe it when Glow For It was announced as the winner of this award! This was the first time that a small business had won the Greatest TikTok Award, with Amazon Books as the Highly Commended in this category this year.

As the winners of the Greatest TikTok Award for the UK, we then attended the European Awards in Amsterdam. It was such an incredible experience where we met such incredible people from brilliant businesses across Europe.

So, at the beginning of November, Glow For It won The Greatest TikTok Award and just 20 days later we were flown out to Amsterdam to celebrate in the TikTok For Business Grand Prix! Some of the other brands in the finals included; BURGER KING® FRANCE, Barilla Group, Nikon and many more… For our 3 year old business to be in the same category as these companies is mind blowing, and we felt so proud to be involved.

The overall winning campaign was Barilla Group’s “Stop Food Waste” campaign. It really highlighted the great impact that a successful campaign can have on society and they were truly deserving winners.

Events, Events & More Events!

The TikTok Awards weren't the only events that Glow For It was invited to this year. The Glow For It Team also spoke at the UK's first UGC event to discuss how creators can form and maintain successful relationships with brands such as ourselves. It was such a positive experience and we have since worked with many UGC creators that have created fabulous content for us!

In addition to this, we attended many TikTok Beauty Events and finished the year by attending the TikTok Festive Market where we had a pop-up stall.

New Product Manufacturing

There have been a few things in the pipeline that we've been working on behind the scenes here at Glow For It. Some of which we've been working on for nearly 3 years!

We visited our manufacturers in Leeds to discuss our plans for the New Year, and we can't wait to finally be able to share with you what we've been working on! Keep your eyes peeled, as something is coming very soon...

Happy New Year From The Glow For It Team!

It just goes to show what you can do in only a year! We have so many exciting things in store for 2024. We can't wait to continue on our journey together with our fantastic Glow For It community. Let's all take on 2024 in our stride and Glow For It! 

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