Halloween Makeup Hacks To Enhance Your Costume

Spooky season is upon us! Whether you’re going all out with your Halloween costume this year, or haven’t even got a costume planned yet, at Glow For It, we have the perfect Halloween makeup ideas for you. Your makeup look can really enhance your costume, or even serve as your costume. With the right tools and techniques, you can create a scary makeup look to remember. 

So, this week’s Glow Goss is definitely not a trick as we treat you to the top Halloween makeup hacks to transform your costume and create your best Halloween look yet!

Spider Lashes

Attention to detail is what really takes any costume to the next level. If you’re wanting to add something to make your Halloween look a little different, then we suggest you try ‘spider lashes’ or ‘doll lashes’. 

To create this look, simply apply your mascara (we suggest the Glow For It Mascara, of course!). Then, while the mascara is still wet, carefully pinch sections of your eyelashes together to form a group of lashes which create a point like spindly spiders’ legs or the lashes of a doll. 

The best results for this Halloween eye makeup look are achieved when you have long lashes! Order your Glow For It Lash Serum now so that next year you’ll be sure to have luscious, long eyelashes to create perfect Halloween looks with.

Ghoulish Eyeshadow

At Glow For It, we’re all about finding simple yet effective ways to do things so that we can make your lives easier! This next Halloween makeup hack is quick and easy which makes it great for a last-minute Halloween costume. With this makeup look, you can be a zombie, a vampire, or a ghost… just to name a few! 

All you need to do is choose a dark eyeshadow colour like grey, black or even red depending on what you want your Halloween look to be. Then, apply lots of your chosen colour of eyeshadow on your eyelid and underneath your waterline. The next bit is the fun bit! Close your eyes and drag your fingers down over your eyes to create a smudged, sunken eye look. Repeat this process as much as you would like until you’ve achieved the spooky Halloween look you desire. 

Witchy Brows

Halloween is the one time of year where messy eyebrows can make your makeup look better! This is another versatile Halloween makeup hack, as these brows could be part of a costume for a witch or a werewolf or even just to enhance your scary look. 

To make sure your Halloween brow look stays in place, even after the clock strikes midnight, use Glow For It Brow Sculpt! Our brow sculpting gel is clear and comes with various tools to help you create the perfect brows for your Halloween outfit this year.

Bloodsucking Lips

No makeup look is complete without the right lipstick. Finish off your Halloween makeup look with a ruby red lipstick for beautiful, bloodsucking lips. This makeup hack is ideal for a vampire costume!

All it involves is for you to apply your red lipstick and then drag your fingers down at the corner of your lip to create a smudged trail of blood. You could also use any other colour of lipstick and smudge the lipstick in different directions to create a variety of effects for whatever your Halloween costume may be.

We wish you a Happy Halloween boos and ghouls, and hope that our makeup hacks are something to scream about – from the Glow For It Team!

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