Healthy Lashes Are Happy Lashes - Top Tips For Healthy Eyelashes

Healthy Lashes Are Happy Lashes - Top Tips For Healthy Eyelashes 

Just like the rest of your body, there are things you can do to keep your eyelashes healthy which will in turn help them to grow long, thick and strong! The best way to grow your lashes is of course by using our Glow For It Lash Serum to provide your lashes with the moisture and nutrients they need. However, there are also other things you can do to help your lashes look and feel their best…

So, this month’s Glow Goss focuses on the top tips for healthy lashes to help your eyelashes grow lusciously long.

Top Tip #1 - Consistency

Consistency is key when you’re looking to achieve the best results. That’s why our first top tip is to make sure that you are consistent with applying your lash growth serum. The only way you’ll see results is if you apply your lash serum every day. Although, the best time to apply lash growth serum is actually at night as this allows the serum to be fully absorbed into the lash root without being disturbed!

Top Tip #2 - Clean & Dry Lashes

Before applying lash growth serum, make sure that your lashes are clean and dry. This is because, if you have any makeup residue or oil-based products left on your lashes then this can act as a barrier which stops the serum from being absorbed at the lash root. These barriers can include castor oil, moisturiser and Vaseline, so make sure that Glow For It Lash Serum is applied first during your nightly routine.

Top Tip #3 - Safe Removal Of Makeup

Whenever you are removing your makeup, you need to be especially careful around your eyes. Don’t sleep in your makeup and definitely don’t rub or pick at your eyelashes to remove your mascara! Doing these things can affect the growth of your eyelashes and increase lash loss.

It has been suggested that natural makeup removers such as coconut oil are the safest way to remove mascara!

Top Tip #4 – The Right Mascara

If you’ve had your mascara for over 6 months… Throw it out! Old mascaras can cause eye infections which not only irritate the eye but also increase lash loss. Further to this, old mascaras become clumpy and dry which means they are more difficult to remove and so increase lash loss too. A new mascara is less than 3-6 months old. If you think it may be time for a new mascara, then why not try out our Glow For It Lash Growth Mascara which is specifically designed to help improve lash growth!

Top Tip #5 – Protect Your Lashes With Sunglasses

Just like the hairs on your head, your eyelashes are also little hairs which can suffer from heat damage. Therefore, it’s important to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays which can dry out your lashes. To do this, just make sure to wear your sunglasses when out in the sun – especially when you’re on holiday or in a hotter climate!

Top Tip #6 - Healthy Diet

The food you eat fuels all parts of your body, which is why when you have a healthy diet, you’ll notice more than just weight loss. A nutrient packed diet is essential to hair, skin and lash health! So, for glowing skin, and longer, thicker hair (including your eyelash hairs), then make sure you’re receiving all the nutrients you need through consuming a healthy diet.

Top Tip #7 - Eyelash Curler

If you use an eyelash curler, then the pad must be changed after 6 months of daily use. This is due to the fact that the lifting pad can lose its density or gain a ridge from repeated use that will make the curler less effective and can cause damage to the eyelashes as well as lash loss.

For those of you that don’t use an eyelash curler, why not try out our new product – the Glow For It Eyelash Curler! We’ve even created a simple step-by-step guide on how to use eyelash curlers for first time users. Check out our Glow Goss page for more info!

Top Tip #8 - Glow For It Lash Products

For the ultimate 24-hour lash care, use our Glow For It Lash Growth Mascara along with our #1 Lash Growth Serum. To get the best deals, check out our brilliant bundles!

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