New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make You Glow

First thing’s first, the team at Glow For It would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! The best part about the New Year is that it’s a time to reflect on the past year and consider what you’d like to achieve this coming year. At Glow For It, we know it can be hard to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions which is why we have some advice for this month’s Glow Goss…

Top Tip: The best way to keep to your New Year’s Resolutions is to set measurable and achievable goals. Instead of saying something broad like the typical ‘I want to be healthier’ try ‘I want to go to the gym 3 times a week’ or ‘I want to eat 5 fruit or veg a day’. These are smaller goals that you can measure and track to help you achieve a bigger goal. Once you start forming a healthy habit it becomes easier and soon you’ll start doing these things without even thinking!

At Glow For It, we’ve come up with the best, achievable New Year’s Resolutions that are sure to have you glowing by this time next year. 

Look After Your Lashes 

Looking after your lashes is as easy as a single swipe each night using Glow For It Lash Growth Serum. Our serum is specifically designed to provide your eyelashes with the nutrients they need to grow long, healthy and strong. Add Glow For It Lash Serum as a quick and easy extra step to your nightly routine and you’ll notice a difference in as little as 2 weeks! 


Fuller, longer lashes don’t happen overnight though, so keep at it and remember that patience is a virtue and just like any other New Year’s Resolution, it’s something you’ll need to keep up all year long to reap the real benefits from. Soon enough, using Glow For It Lash Growth Serum will become a natural step in your bedtime routine that you will do automatically - and your lashes will thank you for it!


Why not take a picture of your lashes now and do a comparison picture each month until the end of the year to see what an incredible difference Glow For It can make. Feel free to send in any transformation pictures to our Instagram @glowforitshop for the chance to be featured as one of our own Glow For It Girls!




Whether you’re participating in Veganuary or not, you’ll be happy to hear that all our Glow For It products are vegan and 100% cruelty-free. So, you’ll be doing your bit for animals and the environment anytime you purchase and use one of our products. Through Glow For It, you can participate in Veganuary - at the very least through your makeup products!


Enhance Your Eyebrows


Eyebrows can really impact your appearance. By using Glow For It Brow Growth Serum, you can grow your brows out and then shape them into the eyebrows you’ve always wanted - whether that’s bushy brows, fluffy brows or the thin 90s brows that are currently making a comeback! Whatever eyebrow look you want, use Glow For It Brow Serum to achieve the best brows for shaping.



Keep Your Lips Kissable


Lip care is just as important as skincare! This is why we have recently launched a luscious lip oil to keep your lips hydrated, soft and smooth. Make sure your lips are gorgeously glossy with Glow For It Lip Oil. Apply this lip oil over your favourite lipstick or on its own for a stunningly shiny lip look. 


It’s Never Too Late To Make A Resolution


Just remember, any time you feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon when it comes to your resolutions, you can always get back on it again. You can also start a new resolution each month, week, or even day if you want. Your life is what you make it - and at Glow For It we know you can do whatever you put your mind to. Start small and build your way up and suddenly, this time next year you’ll look back and wonder how you achieved all that!


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