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The most important beauty essential this summer (and every summer!) is to protect your skin from the sun. The sun’s UV rays can cause damage to our skin - from premature ageing to skin cancer. This is why it’s so important to look after your skin during the summer months when the sun starts to shine. However, you should wear sun screen every day because, even when it’s cloudy, UV rays still penetrate through!

This month’s Glow Goss is about the importance of protecting your skin this summer with the best beauty essentials.

Achieve A Rosy Glow With Glow For It Blush

Although it’s lovely to have a gorgeous golden tan, it’s not worth the long term consequences. If you are going to tan in the sun, always make sure to wear sunscreen, and remember to reapply! 

There are different ways to achieve that sun-kissed look. Consider fake tanning at-home or a spray tan for a skin-safe bronzed look.

The rosy glow makeup look is another sun-kissed inspired trend. It’s a hot makeup trend for this summer that you can achieve with Glow For It Blush Sticks. We have four shades for you to choose from so that you can find a beautiful blush shade to compliment your skin tone. These versatile cream blush sticks are easy to use and can be applied onto the cheeks, lips and eyelids for the ultimate gorgeous glow. 

Look After Your Lips With Glow For It Lip Oil

It’s easy to forget that our lips need to be protected from the sun, too! The skin on our lips in very delicate and sensitive. Make sure to wear SPF on your lips as well this summer.

Show your lips some extra love and care with the Glow For It Lip Oils. Keep your lips hydrated and moisturised with our luscious lip oils.

Whether you want our classic, clear Glow For It Lip Oil or if you prefer something with a fruity flavour, we also have the Glow For It Watermelon Lip Oil and the Glow For It Peach Lip Oil. These lip oils are the perfect nourishing treat for your lips as an overnight treatment or for a gorgeous glossy finish over lipstick.

If you can't decide which Glow For It Lip Oil to get, why not get them all? We offer the full Lip Oil Trio collection so that you can try them all at a discounted price! 

Feel Beautiful This Summer With Glow For It Beauty Products

Look and feel your best this summer with the Glow For It beauty essentials for this season. 

Have fun in the sun but always remember to protect yourself using SPF every day! Then, use Glow For It beauty products to enhance your natural beauty. Just Glow For It this summer!

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