About Us

My name is Daisy, and I am the CEO and Founder of Glow For It. It’s nice to meet you! If you’d like to know a little bit more about Glow For It, I’d love to tell you all about us…


As a female-owned business, Glow For It has always focused on empowering people to feel confident in their own skin. Our aim has always been to provide our customers with the perfect products to help their natural beauty glow. We want you to look and feel your best every day!

Our products are for everyone - no matter your age, gender or ethnicity; an inclusive and empowered family is what our glowing community is all about.


Glow For It started as an idea I had over lockdown in 2020. This was a time without access to beauticians, salons, and importantly, lash technicians. As someone who has suffered in the past with lash picking, this led me down the road of getting eyelash extensions. By the time we hit lockdown, the little eyelashes I had left were short, sparse and unhealthy.

My university degree was cut short due to lockdown, so I was left with some time and an opportunity to explore different careers and avenues. After trying to find a lash serum to grow my natural lashes, I found that the majority were out of my budget as an emerging student. The few that I did find within my budget were mainly oil-based, contained harmful hormones or were ineffective. There’s also been a big shift away from extensions and strip lashes to a more natural look. So, after doing some research I found that there was a big pool of people who wanted to start investing in their natural beauty. I saw an opportunity and decided to take a leap of faith and go for it!

I invested the remainder of my student loan into formulating a lash serum. The first Purchase Order that I put through with my manufacturers I had to borrow the money for it off my mum. It took a lot of convincing…but, luckily the risk paid off! With the profits I made from the first batch, I was able to repay her investment.



What started out as a dream over lockdown has now turned into a beauty business that is growing more and more every day. As a small business, we have always relied on the support and loyalty of our customers. All our orders are hand packaged and sent to you with love. So, we thank you for supporting our small business that has big goals!

Since we started, we have now grown our product range from just the lash serum to multiple beauty products…with more to come! We love to hear what you think of our products, and to see your progress pictures – so feel free to send us your kind messages on social media (@glowforitshop). 

Finally, all that’s left to say is welcome to the family - our big, supportive, empowering, glowing community cannot wait to meet you!

-  Daisy Kelly, CEO and Founder of Glow For It