Glow For It

Lash Growth + Brow Growth

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Want longer lashes & fuller brows? We got ya babe!

The dream duo for long luscious lashes and beautifully bushy brows! Transform your lashes and brows with our Glow For It products TODAY!


What's Inside the Bundle?

1x Lash Growth Serum

1x Brow Growth Serum

Our bestselling Lash Growth Serum™ will lengthen and strengthen your lashes in 8-12 weeks. Simply apply the serum nightly and watch your lashes GROW and your confidence GLOW...

Our brilliant Brow Growth Serum™ will thicken and fill out your brows in just 8-12 weeks. One stroke nightly to the root of the brow will give you the bold, bushy brows that you have always dreamed of...


 Why Glow For It Girl?

 Our products are all cruelty free and vegan.

 We don’t use harmful chemicals or fragrances – it’s all natural!

 Application couldn’t be easier, taking only 5 seconds a day!

 Tried & tested by our fabulous Glow Girls so that you get the best products.

Our promise:

What is a money back guarantee? Well, Glow Getter, it is our pledge to YOU.

Following years of trials and tests we are so confident in our product and it’s results that we are offering you a money-back guarantee on our lash and brow growth serums. Our serums must be applied nightly for a minimum period of 12 weeks in order to see results. 

Check this out for more information.

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