Article: Glow For It February Recap

Glow For It February Recap

Glow For It February Recap

February is the month of love and this month we would love to tell you about all the exciting things we’ve been up to so far this year! We are now well and truly into 2024, and we’ve already had lots going on here at Glow For It...

New Glow For It Formula SOLD OUT

At the end of January, we released our new and improved Glow For It Serum formula. We have been working on this behind the scenes for 3 years and it is something that we are truly proud of. This new formula still has all the benefits of our previous formula as it is still vegan, cruelty-free and hormone-free. The biggest difference is that it is packed full of even more natural ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced within the UK! These ingredients have been chosen to give you the best possible growth results for your lashes and brows. 

When we launched this formula, we didn’t expect to sell out! Our gorgeous, glowing community showed so much love for the new and improved formula that we sold out in 2 weeks… We couldn’t believe it and we are so happy that you love the new Glow For It Serums.

If you didn’t manage to get the new and improved Glow For It Lash Serum or Glow For It Brow Serum before they sold out, don’t worry. They are both now available for pre-order (and will be back in stock very soon)!

 Glow For It UK Lash Serum

Glow For It Products Coming...

The new and improved Glow For It Serum isn’t the only exciting new thing we have coming this year! This month, we also did a photoshoot to capture some teaser content for a brand new product that will be coming out soon. Keep an eye on our Instagram and TikTok accounts (@glowforitshop) for any sneak peaks… Can you guess what’s coming next?

Glow For It Teaser Photoshoot

Glow For It UK Manufacturer Visit

We love to share behind-the-scenes content with you so that you can see exactly what’s going on here at Glow For It. Recently, our Founder, Daisy, visited both our UK manufacturer and UK fulfilment centre to make sure everything was running efficiently, effectively and smoothly. In fact, Daisy was there at the manufacturers when the first Glow For It Serum tubes were being filled with the new and improved formula!

Glow For It UK Lash Growth Serum

Secret Glow For It Brunch

Although we love sharing behind-the-scenes content with you, there are some things we want to keep secret for a little while so that we can surprise you!

This month, we held a super secret brunch event with a range of fantastic creators and users of our products. During this fun brunch event, we showed off some "up and coming" Glow For It products to hear everyone's thoughts on them. We got some great feedback and had such a lovely time with this fabulous group of people! We can’t wait to share what’s coming next at Glow For It…

Glow For It Secret Brunch

Glow For It Featured In Vogue & More!

It wasn’t just our gorgeous, glowing community that loved our new and improved Glow For It formula! The media also showed lots of love for our products as we have recently been featured in:

We are always so appreciative of any recognition we get - from the media, or from our community and customers. At Glow For It, we are proud of our products and the direction that we are moving in with our UK lash serum and brow serums. There’s still so much more to come and we can’t wait to share it with you. Our motto is ‘enhance not mask’ and that is true for your natural beauty and our transparency with you.

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