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Spring has finally sprung, which means summer is fast approaching! If you’ve started to let your New Year’s Resolutions slide, or even stopped them completely… Now’s the time to pick them back up again and work on yourself so that you can be the best you by summer!

This month’s Glow Girl Goss is all about looking forward to summer and how to look your best for the warmer months. Make this your hot girl (…or guy…or they!) summer with Glow For It Girl beauty products.

Long Lashes In Time For Summer 

Whether you’re planning a staycation, vacation or baecation, make sure to pencil your lashes into your plans! Achieving luscious, long lashes doesn’t happen over night unfortunately (we wish!). Your eyelashes take time to grow, which is why you should think about your lash growth now for gorgeous eyelashes just in time for summer.

The lash growth cycle regulates every three months as this is how long it takes the eyelash to go through each lifecycle phase (to understand more about this, visit our eyelash growth guide here The Lash Growth Cycle). By using Glow For It Girl Lash Serum now, you can stimulate lash growth, providing your lashes with the nutrients they need to grow full, thick and long.

Natural Summer Glow

At Glow For It Girl, we’re all about confidence and helping you to grow, not only your brows and lashes, but also your self-esteem! You’re beautiful from the inside out, but we know that looking good can make you feel good too.

So, start using our growth serums now to see the results by summer. When you’ve got the beautiful brows and lashes you’ve always dreamed of, you won’t even have to wear makeup! This will lead to your skin looking bright and glow-y as it gives your skin time to breathe.

Summer Makeup Trends

It’s all about the natural look this summer, with ‘barely there’ makeup set to be a top trend this coming season. When it’s hot and sticky out, who wants to wear makeup? That’s why the light-weight makeup trend is going to be popular over the warmer months, because we can all admit a full face of makeup does not feel nice when the weather’s on full heat!

To make sure you’re totally on-trend this summer - looking and feeling your best while you do it – start using Glow For It Girl growth serums now, so that your brows and lashes can be just as fabulous as you are!

You won’t need to fill in your brows when they’re beautifully bushy and perfectly shaped and styled. You won’t even need mascara when you use our Lash Lift Kit (after you’ve grown those long lashes using our serum, of course!), as this will lift your lashes gorgeously for an eye-catching and captivating look.

All you need this summer is to be you to be beautiful!

The Best Beauty Products For Summer

All our beauty products at Glow For It Girl are perfect, not only for summer, but all year round! When you incorporate our serums into your beauty routine, it’ll become a great habit that will show incredible results. Just check out our Instagram page @glowforitgirl to see before and after pictures of our gorgeous Glow Girls showcasing their amazing results.

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