Love Your Lashes This Valentine’s

Love Your Lashes This Valentine’s

Whether you’ve got a boo or this Valentine’s it’s just you, you need to show yourself some love on the day of love (and all year round!). Treat yourself this Valentine’s with a gift that keeps giving – the gift of gorgeous brows and lashes!

The Glow Girl Goss this month is all about how to pamper yourself for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Self-love and self-care are so important to us at Glow For It Girl, which is why we produce products that nourish your lashes and brows to make you look your best and help you to feel confident in your own skin.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Does your girlfriend talk about wanting longer lashes? Perhaps your boyfriend has patchy eyebrows that he’s self-conscious about? Or maybe you just want to give your significant other something which will make them look and feel good…

Well, look no further! At Glow For It Girl, we offer the best Valentine’s Day presents as our lash and brow serums are a great way to show you really care.

Help your loved one achieve the long lashes they’ve always dreamed of with the Glow For It Girl Lash Growth Serum. Give them the Glow For It Girl Brow Serum so that they can transform their brows into the ones they’ve always wanted.

Can’t decide which one to get? Our Lash Growth and Brow Growth Bundles are the best of both worlds!

How To Prepare For Your Valentine’s Day Date

You may be spending Valentine’s with your boo, Galentine’s with your girls, or Palentine’s with your pals… Whatever you’re doing, we know you want to look and feel your best.

In preparation for the big day, make sure to use your Glow For It Girl serums once a day to keep your brows and lashes nourished with the nutrients they need to be happy and healthy.

If you’re doing a pretty Valentine’s Day makeup look and struggle with putting lashes on, we have the perfect product to complete your look. Our Glow For It Girl Lash Lift Kits are a fabulous way to make your eyelashes instantly appear longer for a doe-eyed look.

Pamper Yourself This Valentine’s

Not going out for Valentine’s? Feel the love from the comfort of your own home by pampering yourself with your own DIY spa day!

Here are our easy self-love steps to help you feel like a gorgeous Glow Girl:

  1. Wash and cleanse your face to feel fresh and fabulous.
  2. Apply your favourite face mask that makes your skin feel stunning.
  3. Run a bubble bath so that you can relax.
  4. While the bath is running and your face mask is sinking in, use your Glow For It Girl Lash Lift Kit to transform your lashes so that they’re luxuriously long.
  5. After your bath, apply your Glow For It Girl Lash and Brow Serum to give your brows and lashes the love they need to grow.
  6. Snuggle up in bed and remember that you are amazing and you are loved!

You are all our Valentine’s this year! Love from your secret admirers, the Glow For It Girl Team xx

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