Article: Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine with Glow For It

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Spring is here, and you know what that means... It's Spring cleaning time! Clear out any clutter and ensure that your skincare and beauty products are up-to-date for that fresh feeling this season. At Glow For It, we have the top tips on how to Spring clean your beauty routine - from your skincare to your makeup.

So, this week's Glow Goss is all about how to glow up this Spring by clearing out what you don't need and replacing with must-have products this season.

Check The Expiry Date On Your Beauty Products

It can be easy to forget that beauty products have an expiry date - just like food! If you're using skincare or makeup that is out of date, it may affect the efficacy of the product. This can cause your skin to breakout or for the product to not look as good on your skin as it usually would! So, toss anything that's past its prime to avoid skin irritation.

Wipe down your products and don't forget to clean your brushes! Give them a thorough cleaning to remove built-up makeup residue and bacteria. Your skin will thank you for the fresh start!

Restock With Glow For It Beauty Products

Declutter your makeup bag by sorting through your products. Keep the essentials and let go of anything you haven't used in a while. Let go of products you no longer love to make room for new favourites such as our amazing range of Glow For It beauty products!

Switch out seasonal shades and products to keep your collection current. Treat yourself to some new makeup essentials to freshen up your look for Spring. Explore new shades and formulas to discover your next beauty obsession.

Organise Your Beauty Routine

Sort your items by category (e.g. lips, eyes, face) for easy access. Use clear organisers to keep everything visible and easily accessible. Check out our range of Glow For It beauty products for your lips, eyes and cheeks...

Feel Your Best With Glow For It This Spring!

Spring clean your beauty routine and get glowing this Spring with Glow For It! Join our gorgeous glowing community by following us on social media @glowforitshop

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