Article: Strawberry Makeup Look With Glow For It Products

Strawberry Makeup Look With Glow For It Products

Strawberry Makeup Look With Glow For It Products

If you haven't already tried out the Strawberry Makeup look, this is your sign! Hailey Bieber has inspired this new makeup trend that we absolutely love. With Glow For It beauty products, you can perfect this look as we have everything you need for the best Strawberry Makeup!

Glow For It Strawberry Makeup Blush Sticks

First and foremost, the most important step in the Strawberry Makeup routine is, of course, the blush! Strawberry Makeup is all about creating that beautiful red-pink shade that strawberries have. This colour is flattering on everyone and every skin tone. However, it will take different shades to create the right strawberry colour on different skin tones.

At Glow For It, we pride ourselves in producing beauty products that are for everyone. We have just released an additional 3 shades to our Glow For It Blush Stick range. The full range now includes:

  • Fresh Face – a warm peach-toned blush colour.
  • Rose Glow – a rose-coloured blush.
  • Pinky Promise – a vibrant pink blush colour.
  • Berry Much – a berry-red blush.
  • Candy Blush – a sweet candy-pink blush.
  • Cheeky Peach – a coral-toned peach.
  • Pinch Punch – a rich, warm pink blush.

Just like Hailey Bieber does in her viral TikTok video that kickstarted the Strawberry Makeup trend, you can mix and match shades to create that perfect strawberry colour! Choose the Glow For It Blush Stick shades you think will work best together on your skin tone and have fun experimenting with mixing the shades together to create the right look.

Our Glow For It Blush Sticks have a creamy formula that makes them easy to blend and build to create the right shade and amount of colour.

Glow For It Mascara For Strawberry Makeup

No makeup look is complete without a lick of mascara! For the Strawberry Makeup look, we recommend the Glow For It Brown Mascara as this will tie in with the freckles that are part of this look. Hailey Bieber draws some freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks to mimic the seeds in a strawberry - so cute!

However, if you want slightly more dramatic eye makeup for this look then you can use the Glow For It Growth Mascara which comes in black for darker lashes. Both our Glow For It Mascaras are infused with Glow For It Lash Growth Serum to help enhance your natural lash growth!

Strawberry Lips With Glow For It Lip Oil

Our Glow For It Blush Sticks are designed for easy use to be swiped across the cheeks, lips and eyes. This means, you can apply the shades you used on your cheeks onto your lips as well for a stunningly cohesive Strawberry Makeup look.

To finish your Strawberry Makeup look off, make sure to apply a Glow For It Lip Oil. If you'd like a fruity finish, try the Peach Lip Oil or Watermelon Lip Oil. Or, you can keep it classic with the Glow For It Lip Oil.

Create The Best Strawberry Makeup Look With Glow For It!

At Glow For It, we want everyone to have fun when using our products (which are also vegan and cruelty-free!). So, play around with different shades and products from the Glow For It beauty range to create the perfect Strawberry Makeup look for you.

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