The Lifecycle of an Eyelash – From Start to Finish in the Blink of an Eye

A top tip for all you gorgeous Glow Girls – the more you know about your lashes, the better you can take care of them! That’s why the Glow Girl Goss this month is all about the eyelash lifecycle. It’s strange to think about lashes in this way, but your eyelashes are actually hairs! And, like all the other hairs on our bodies, our eyelashes have a natural growth cycle which lasts around 3 months.

Fun Fact: We are born with a certain number of hair follicles, and that number stays almost exactly the same throughout your life!

Your lashes aren’t just there to make you look pretty (although they’re doing a good job of that too!), they are also there to protect your eyes. This is part of the reason why each eyelash has a different lifecycle – because if they all went through the same stages at the same time, you’d be left with no lashes and so no protection!

On average, we shed around 1-4 eyelashes a day. This may sound like a lot, but we actually have 90-200 lashes on our upper eyelids and 70-100 lashes on our lower lids…so, in the grand scheme of things losing a few is not that many! Now, let’s get into some more detail about the different stages of the eyelash lifecycle, and just how Glow For It Girl lash serum can help get your lashes looking lovely, long and luscious…

  1. The Growth Stage

Technically, this phase is called the Anagen phase and when your eyelash is in this phase it is growing. It’s during this stage that your lashes can grow to their full length and really benefit from the Glow For It Girl lash serum as it nourishes, strengthens and lengthens your lashes as they grow. Typically, this stage lasts 4-6 weeks.

  1. The Transition Stage

Also known as the Catagen phase. At this point, the eyelash has stopped growing but is not ready to shed and restart the lash lifecycle again. This stage usually lasts around 2-3 weeks. However, if an eyelash is pulled out or plucked out while it is in this stage then the growth cycle is disrupted and the follicle will take even longer to grow back. In some cases, the hair follicle may even be permanently damaged – which is why we need to look after our lashes, ladies!

  1. The Resting Stage

The scientific name being the Telogen phase, is the final stage of the eyelash lifecycle where the hair has stopped growing and is ready to shed in order to start the growth cycle all over again! This stage can last up to 3 months and so is the longest phase. During this stage, the eyelash will eventually fall out and it usually takes around 4-8 weeks before a new lash starts growing.

The Benefits of Using Glow For It Girl Lash Serum

Using Glow For It Girl lash serum helps your lashes during all stages of the growth cycle – giving a boost to the growth of active follicles, as well as activating the ones that are inactive! The benefits begin from the first swipe of Glow For It Girl lash serum, even if you can’t see the results instantly.

Our serum helps keep your eyelashes in the growth stage of the lifecycle for longer, which is the key to fabulously long lashes. However, less than half of your upper lashes are in the growth stage at any one time, which is why we make sure our Glow For It Girl lash serum benefits your eyelashes at all the different stages of the lifecycle!

During the transition and resting stages, the eyelash has finished growing but still needs to be cared for – which is where Glow For It Girl lash serum comes in! Our serum nourishes, moisturises & conditions lashes that aren’t growing, while stimulating growth in the ones that are. Keeping your lashes healthy is key to keeping your newly grown long lashes in place so that they don’t fall out!

Since Glow For It Girl lash serum targets each individual eyelash in different ways depending on the stage it is at in its lifecycle, this means that it may take some time for all your lashes to catch up to each other in terms of length & strength. You should begin to see results after 2 weeks, but it can take 4-6 weeks to see the full results depending on how many of your lashes were at the very start of the growth stage.

Of course, results vary from person to person, but you should be reaping the full benefits of Glow For It Girl lash serum after 8-12 weeks (one bottles worth of lash serum) with all your lashes looking full, thick & long. If this is not the case, you may want to reconsider your entire lash care routine as healthy lashes are happy lashes, and our serum can only help your lashes if you look after them too! You also need to be applying the Glow For It Girl lash serum diligently every night (and not just if and when you remember!) otherwise your lashes won’t be able to benefit from the consistent doses of nourishing ingredients & extracts that help them to grow long & strong!

Top Tip: Never forget to apply your Glow For It Girl lash serum again by setting a reminder on your phone!

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