The Secret To Growing Back Your Eyebrows

We’ve all suffered from botched brows at some point in our lives – whether it was by your own hand or at the hands of someone else. Maybe you got a little too excited with the tweezers and over-plucked your eyebrows, or perhaps your local beauty salon waxed your brows too thin or you’ve been left with the wrong eyebrow shape. But, don’t despair! At Glow For It Girl, we’re here to help with our exclusive Glow Girl Goss… 

This week, we are announcing the release of our newest product: Glow For It Girl Brow Growth Serum!

How Does The Glow For It Girl Brow Growth Serum Work?

Similarly to our amazing Glow For It Girl Lash Serum, our growth serum for brows contains the specific natural ingredients that are needed to help your eyebrow hairs grow. Ingredients, such as Pumpkin Seed Extract, targets the brow hairs in the growth stage of their lifecycle which helps them to grow for longer and helps prevent the hairs from falling out.

Other ingredients in our Glow For It Girl Brow Growth Serum include Panax Ginseng and Swertia Japonica Extract. Now, these may sound unfamiliar, but they are actually also natural ingredients to help not only with brow hair growth, but also to support and promote healthy hair growth from the root. Panax Ginseng also helps prevent your brow hair from thinning.

So, when you have long, luscious brows from using our eyebrow serum, this means there’s more hair to work with so that you can get the fluffy brows and brow shape of your dreams!

Patch Up Patchy Eyebrows

Another common problem that people face is patchy eyebrows – again from over-plucking or waxing, or maybe even from pulling your eyebrow hair out from stress. Although you can cover up patchy brows with makeup, this may mean you feel self-conscious without makeup.

At Glow For It Girl, we want you to unleash your inner beauty and feel beautiful with or without makeup! So, use our Glow For It Girl Brow Growth Serum to help regrow patchy eyebrows quicker. The best part is, you can still wear makeup whilst using our eyebrow serum. Just one swipe a day – before bed or when you wake up – will help provide you brow hair with the nutrients they need to stimulate growth.

Hot Glow Goss: If you have bald patches where your hair follicle has been damaged, this may mean that brow hair will not be able to grow back there. Don’t worry! Just use our brow serum to grow out the eyebrow hair surrounding these areas to help conceal any bald patches. Your local beauty salon can also help you find the right brow shape suited to you to help mask this problem.

The Key To Longer, Thicker Eyebrows

At Glow For It Girl, we don’t keep secrets from you and we make sure to tell you all our latest goss! This is why we proud to announce the release of our newest product: Glow For It Girl Brow Growth Serum – the key to longer and thicker brows.

Top Tip: Take before and after photos to see the difference and just how well our serum works! Feel free to send any pictures to @glowforitgirl on Instagram for the chance to be featured on our page.

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