Written In The Stars: The Best Christmas Present For Each Star Sign

Not sure what to get your loved ones this Christmas? Let the stars decide! We’ve matched up each and every one of our Glow For It beauty products and bundles with a Zodiac sign and their traits. If you’ve got an astrology girlfriend, know a star boy or have some mystic mates, then this is the perfect present for them. Just make sure to direct them to this horoscope blog so that they can see exactly why and how you picked out such a thoughtful gift for them.

For this month’s Glow Goss, we look into our crystal ball and try not to get distracted by the beauty we foresee in all of you as we match up the star signs with the Glow For It beauty products that they are suited to.

Aries (21st March – 19th April)

As the first of the Zodiac signs, Aries are a natural born leader and are always up for a challenge. This fiery star sign knows exactly what it wants, and that’s to look fabulous! This is why the FabuLASH Bundle is ideal for an Aries as it has all they need for gorgeously long and strong lashes that can help them win any battle. The FabuLash Bundle contains the Glow For It Lash Serum for longer, stronger lashes, as well as the Glow For It Lash Lift Kit for lifted lashes with the perfect curl.

Taurus (20th April – 20th May)

If you’re a Taurus or know a Taurus, then you know that they like to be pampered! What better way to kick back and relax whilst enjoying some luxury than with the sensational Ready, Set, Glow Bundle? When they take some time out of their day to treat themselves right, then they’re also sure to start the day off right. Luxuriously long lashes are what a Taurus deserves, so give them the gift that keeps giving with this bundle that includes the Glow For It Lash Serum, Glow For It Eyelash Curler and Glow For It Lash Growth Mascara.

Gemini (21st May – 20th June)

Geminis are busy bees that need everything to be as perfect as they are! This fun air sign is symbolised by twins as they needed double the trouble to get everything done. Help cross one thing off their to do list with the Glow For It Brow Sculpt Gel that will keep their brows in place all day while they conquer the world and look fabulous whilst doing it!

Cancer (21st June – 22nd July)

Those with a Cancer star sign are in touch with their emotions and your emotions. These people are great friends who are always there to offer a shoulder to cry on. Show them how much they mean to you with the Glow For It Lash Growth Serum that will help them achieve fuller, thicker, longer lashes. Like their crab symbol, people with the Cancer Zodiac sign are strong on the outside – but remind them that you know just how sweet they really are and make them melt with a thoughtful gift.

Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)

Leos are drama royalty, and we mean that in the best way! When you’re friends with a Leo, you’re sure to have a good time. They’re as loyal as the lion that symbolises them and love to live in the limelight. This is why the Dream Duo Bundle is perfect for a Leo as it represents what a dream they are (and think they are!) to be around. The Dream Duo Bundle contains the Glow For It Lash Serum and Glow For It Lash Growth Mascara for full, thick and dark lashes that are sure to have all eyes on them – just how they like it!

Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September)

If you ever need something done, you know to give it to a Virgo! Virgos are practical and logical – which is why giving them something that has all the tools they need is the ideal gift for them. This Earth sign has systematic way of doing things which is why we know they’re going to see the best results using our Ultimate Lash Bundle. This bundle contains the Glow For It Lash Growth Serum, the Glow For It Lash Mascara and the Glow For It Lash Lift Kit. You best believe that any Virgo you give this to will be using these products practically and perfectly!

Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

Libras bring balance and harmony to everyone’s lives, which makes them such a calming presence to be around. We love our Libra friends because they see what’s right and fight for it. Give them a gift that’s right for them with the Lash Growth and Brow Growth Bundle. What could be more perfect than the beautiful balance of thick, long lashes and fabulous fluffy brows for someone who’s as level-headed and harmonious as the Libra.

Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November)

The mysterious Scorpio probably thinks that we wouldn’t be able to know what they would want, as they love to surprise everyone with their fun and mischievous ways! Your Scorpio friends are sure to keep you on your toes, which is what makes them so entertaining to be around. This time it’s your turn to surprise them, with something they didn’t even realise they needed. The perfect gift for a Scorpio is the Glow For It Eyelash Curler – a tool they didn’t know they wanted but won’t be able to live without as it will make their makeup routine as gorgeous and magical as they are!

Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)

Those with the Sagittarius sign are born for adventure! These smart signs are always striving to grow and learn more about the world. This is why the Grow and Groom Bundle is the best gift for them. Just like how they want to grow themselves as a person, help them to grow their brows with the Glow For It Brow Growth Serum, and then tame their brows with the Glow For It Brow Sculpt. Sounds like a beauty adventure fit for any Sagittarius!

Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January)

Capricorns know that time is a virtue, and with patience on their side they’re sure to get what they want – no matter how long it takes! They’re in for the long run and know that the best results take time. The Glow For It Lash Growth Mascara is ideal for a Capricorn as they can use this mascara every day for instant results but know in time they will reap the benefits and that their natural lashes will be growing longer and stronger each day.

Aquarius (20th January – 18th February)

The Aquarius star signs are put on the Earth to try to make this world a better place. People who have an Aquarius sign are innovative and progressive which means they like to do things in new and different ways whilst being totally accepting of everyone’s own way of doing things! The Glow For It Lash Lift Kit is the perfect product for an Aquarius as it’s a revolutionary way to get instantly longer lashes with a stunning curl. Your Aquarius friends are sure to be leading the way for the next beauty trend – which is likely to be lash lifting after they’ve used out fantastic kit!

Pisces (19th February – 20th March)

If you need someone that’s understanding and comforting, then you know to go knocking on a Pisces’ door. The last of the Zodiac signs, Pisces are empathetic to everything that all the other signs have been through. Our Pisces friends are sensitive yet strong with their emotions and that’s why we love them. They’re sure to love any gift you give them as they’ll just be glad you care – but we know they’ll like our Glow For It Brow Growth Serum so that you can help them achieve the beautiful bushy brows they deserve.


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